Instrument Systems - Your experts for demanding light measurement applications

At our Munich headquarters and Berlin facility we develop and manufacture high-quality systems for the precise measurement of

  • LEDs and LED modules
  • General lighting (SSL)
  • LED/OLED displays and automotive interior lighting
  • Automotive exterior lighting and traffic lighting

We offer a broad product spectrum of high-quality spectrometers, imaging photometers and colorimeters, goniophotometers, integrating spheres, and system solutions for the equipment of test labs and production lines for LEDs, SSL and displays.

Optronik product line
With its Optronik Line of products - developed and manufactured in Berlin - Instrument Systems additionally specializes in the equipment of complete light channels with Type A goniometers and photometers for the measurement of automotive and traffic lighting. (

We can be reached at any time, all over the world, through our specialized sales engineers and experienced representatives! (Contact)

Core competencies at Instrument Systems

LED Metrology   Display Metrology

As a world leader in LED measurement systems, we offer powerful solutions for determining luminous flux, luminous intensity, color parameters, spectrum, and spatial radiation patterns.

We supply an integrated range of measuring instruments for testing flat panel displays, mobile appliances, multifunction panels and graphics, as well as night vision (NVIS) compatible displays.

SSL Measurement Systems   Automotive Lighting

Our large integrating sphere models and goniophotometers provide all the instrumentation you need to take precise measurements for applications in Solid-State Lighting.

The comprehensive Optronik Line solutions for Exterior Lighting consist of type A goniometers, photometers, retroreflectometers and a wide range of accessories. We are providing photometric light channels of nearly all well-known manufacturers in the automotive, traffic and aviation industry.

Spectroradiometry & Photometry  

Measurement of the solar spectrum, solar simulator or an energy-saving lamp: precise array and scanning spectroradiometers determine illuminance and radiant power over a wide spectral range from UV to IR.