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Spectro 320(D) (Scanning Spectrometer)
CAS 140CT (Compact Array Spectrometer)
CAS 120 (Compact Array Spectrometer)
MAS 40 (Mini Array Spectrometer)
LumiCam 1300 (Imaging Photometer and Colorimeter)
LED-Tester (Turnkey System for Production)
LGS 250 (Goniophotometer)
DTS 500 (Positioning System)

Data Sheets

TOP 200 (Telescopic Optical Probe)
ISP 250 (Integrating Sphere)
ISP 500 (Integrating Sphere)
ISP 1000 (Integrating Sphere)
ISP 2000 (Integrating Sphere)
EOP (Optical Probes)
LED 850 (TEC Adapter for High-Power LEDs)
LED 81x (Test Sockets for High-Power LEDs)
GON 360 (Goniometer for Specular Transmission and Reflection Measurements)

Application Notes

LED 25 (Averaged LED Intensity Adapter)
NVIS Measurements
Flash Lamp Measurement


LED Metrology

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