Systems and accessories for display measurement

Instrument Systems has developed several turnkey systems for analyzing the characteristics of displays. Each of these systems is based on a spectroradiometer of the type CAS140 CT / CAS 140D and the TOP 200 telescopic optical probe.

The various turnkey systems have been optimized for the particular area of application and deliver extremely precise measuring results with a high level of reliability: 

Model Spectrometer type  Area of application
DTS 140  CAS140 CT / CAS 140D
with CCD array 
Universal for all kinds of displays and panel graphics
DTS 140 NVIS CAS140 CT / CAS 140D
with CCD array 
Measurement of night-vision compatibility (NVIS) of displays in conformity with MIL-L-85762A
AccessoriesTypeArea of application
DTS400Manual positionerMultifunctional rack for the manual positioning of test sample and measuring device
DTS500Automatic positioning systemComplete 5-axis positioning system with stepper motor control

All spectroradiometers can also be operated with the DTS 500 5-axis positioning system and the DTS 400 XYZ-positioning system to permit fully automated measurements of angle-dependent characteristics or the homogeneity of displays.

The TOP 200 telescopic optical probe for launching light radiation and the flexible optical fiber with patented mode mixer offer the following advantages:

  • Modified Pritchard style optical design with simultaneous decoupling of the measurement aperture from the spectral resolution (band pass)
  • Different optical probes can be changed without loss of calibration (all accessories from Instrument Systems are plug-and-play)
  • All functions carried out by the TOP 200 can be controlled using software
  • Very low polarization sensitivity

A range of lenses is supplied for the TOP 200 and a bayonet connection allows them to be changed easily. This covers a wide range of different measuring spot sizes and distances to the display.

In addition to spectroradiometric measurement solutions, Instrument Systems also offers the LumiCam series of imaging photometers and colorimeters for two-dimensional display testing. An extensive software package is provided that features comprehensive functions for measuremnet analysis and reporting.