LED test sockets for standard and high-brightness LEDs

Instrument Systems supplies a wide range of LED test sockets with the LED-5xx and LED-6xx series for fast insertion and rapid changing of LEDs at test setups in the laboratory. These precision test sockets can be supplied for all standard LED types and ensure reproducible positioning of the LED in individual measuring adapters.
The list of LED test sockets supplied is continually being updated by types to accommodate the latest series and models from LED manufacturers. Customer-specific adjustments can also be undertaken.

LED test sockets LED-5xx and LED-6xx

Test sockets are supplied for the following LED designs and types:

  • Wired, T1 and T1¾ with 3 or 5 mm diameter and 2 or 3 connectors
  • SMDs of different sizes and shapes
  • PLCC 2, 4, 6
  • Multi-Chip LEDs
  • Side-emitting LEDs

The test sockets have been optimized for measuring adapters with 25 mm diameter and are perfectly compatible with measuring systems for Instrument Systems. They have a power cable with banana plugs for connecting to an electricity supply.
The socket body and the guide elements are made of aluminum or brass. This permits a particularly precise alignment of the mechanical axis of the LED. The test sockets feature a reliable electrical contact. All models for SMD LEDs have precise test probes. Zero-force test sockets are supplied for wired LEDs.

Shadow-free test sockets

The shadow-free precision test sockets in the LED-6xx series are supplied for selected popular LED designs. The special side clamping device permits free radiation of the LED over an angular range of 180°. This is optimum for high-precision measurements of luminous flux in integrating spheres or for determining the spatial radiation pattern in a goniophotometer.