Solid-State Lighting - The light of the future with the right measurement equipment

LEDs have created a completely new product category in general lighting. As a new technology, SSL is the light of the future with exciting opportunities but also challenges.

Since the manufacturing process of LEDs requires extensive testing at the production stage and during quality assurance, SSL products have also placed more stringent demands on optical characterization. The electrical operating parameters and thermal management of a SSL lamp or luminaire exert a major influence on the light distribution and colorimetric properties.

Instrument Systems is the global market leader in LED test & measurement and has an extensive track record of experience in this innovative technology. We are therefore in a position to extend our expertise to the specific requirements of Solid-State Lighting with our new goniophotometers and integrating spheres.

We offer comprehensive turnkey solutions in combination with our refined range of spectroradiometers and photometers designed to identify the photometric and colorimetric characteristics of LED modules and all LED-based lamps and luminaires.

Our measurement systems for the SSL product group is divided into the following segments:

bullet  Goniophotometers for all angle-dependent measurements

Icon Pfeil  Integrating spheres for determining luminous flux

Icon Pfeil  Spectroradiometers for photometric, radiometric and colorimetric evaluations

Icon Pfeil  Imaging photometers and colorimeters for analyzing all extended light sources and OLEDs

Din CIE Ies Quality
All instruments are compliant with the relevant standards in conformity with CIE, DIN and IES standards.