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Instrument Systems - Corporate History
1986Richard Distl establishes the company
1987Market launch of the first product: PL10 Wavelength Analyzer
1989Market launch of the Spectro 100 Scanning Spectrometer (first instrument with innovative fast scanning technology and predecessor of Spectro 320)
1996Market launch of the CAS 140B Compact Array Spectrometer (forefather of today’s CAS series)
2000Market launch of the LumiCam 1300 Imaging Photometer
2002Market launch of the LED Tester
2007Market launch of the SpecWin Pro Software
2009Accreditation of the test laboratories in conformity with ISO 17025
2010Instrument Systems acquires Optronik Berlin (formerly light measurement division of X-Rite)
2012Market launch of the Goniophotometer series LGS for Solid-State-Lighting
2012Konica Minolta Optics acquires 100% of the business shares of Instrument Systems
2013Market launch of the former Autronic-Melchers product line (DMS)
2014Richard Distl leaves the company and Dr. Markus Ehbrecht takes over the position of CEO
2015Market launch of the LumiCam 1300 Advanced Imaging Photometer
2016Market launch LumiCol 1900, LumiSuite software
Sapphire Award Winner 2016 in the category “Tools and Tests in SSL Design” for an unique burning correction method
2017Market launch of the CAS 140D Array Spectrometer, CAS 140CT-HR Array Spectrometer, LumiTop 2700 Imaging Colorimeter, LumiCam 2400 Imaging Photometer, PTFE Integrating Spheres
2018Certified for the measurement of colorimetric quantities (ISO 11664)
Accreditation of the test laboratories in conformity with ISO 17025 with flexible scope of application (category III)


The company's founder

Instrument Systems was established in 1986 by Richard Distl while he was still a student at Munich Technical University. The foundation of the company and the first product developments received funding under the TOU sponsorship program financed by the Federal Ministry of Research and Technology in Germany. This program was geared to promote establishment of technology companies. At the age of 26, Richard Distl was the youngest entrepreneur in Germany under the TOU Program. He also received the maximum possible funding.
When Richard Distl was a teenager, he developed a new polarimeter concept in the "Jugend Forscht" research program for high school pupils in Germany and won the state prize for his pioneering work. Further development of this principle to determine the wavelength of light radiation and the concept for the subsequent fast-scanning technology built into spectrometers formed the platform for establishing Instrument Systems.