Our global partners - Leading players

Instrument Systems is the premier company for light measurement. Global partnership and close cooperation with major companies have also contributed to our track record of success:

Carl Zeiss

Instrument Systems needs high-quality components in order to be able to manufacture premium equipment. Instrument Systems therefore sources optical components from Carl Zeiss AG in Germany. Some components are tailored specifically to our requirements


Ismeca produces high-quality LED handlers. Ismeca delivers the handler machines and Instrument Systems supplies the LED tester and software for joint customer projects.

Keithley Instruments

Instrument Systems has been using proven series 2400/2600 Keithley sourcemeters in the LED tester for many years. We have developed significant experience in programming these instruments and integrating them in our test systems.

Cascade Microtech

Instrument Systems and Cascade Microtech joined forces in a shared project to develop the world's fastest wafer prober for LEDs. Cascade optimized the mechanical prober and Instrument Systems upgraded the tester with special software.