Optical quality control of a VR headset at different production stages


Date: 2024/03/28, 02:40 PM (GMT+9)

Yangjae Ha

Location: eXtended Reality Korea, Seoul/ South Korea

The production process of a Virtual Reality headset is intricate and involves multiple steps. Throughout each step, various measurements are taken to ensure quality and to characterize the components for future use. The visual system, which is the main component of the VR headset, typically consists of a display and an optical lens that together form the optical module. Initially, the properties such as luminance and chromaticity of the display and optical lens are determined. Then, in the next step, the properties like distortion of the optical module, which is a combination of the display and lens, are measured. Lastly, the final VR headset undergoes calibration and quality control to assess its performance. Illustrative measurements for each step are demonstrated using imaging and spot light measurement devices.

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