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CAS 140CT – For many years a benchmark for precise light measurement

Manufacturers of high-quality LEDs, luminaires and displays all over the world place their trust in the accurate and reliable measurement results yielded by CAS array spectroradiometers from Instrument Systems.

The CAS 140CT is, like all CAS models, equipped with calibration traceable to PTB or NIST– large numbers are in use in many markets all over the world.

As a special feature, the CAS 140CT offers two infrared models for special spectral measurement tasks up to 2150 nm.

MultiCAS system

Through the combination with different CAS 140D models the CAS 140CT can be combined via a trigger box to form a MultiCAS system. Complex spectral measurements are thus possible, simultaneously performed over an extremely broad wavelength range and parallel over several samples.

The MultiCAS module of the accompanying SpecWin Pro analytical software analyzes all measurement data in a user-friendly manner in a common measuring curve.

CAS 140CT – Product details:

  • Model variants up to 2150 nm
  • Cooled detector up to -20° C
  • Spectrograph with excellent stray light suppression
  • Integral density filter wheel
  • Permits extremely long integration times
  • Extensive SpecWin Pro spectral software
  • Additional stray light correction (optional)

Development and quality control of high-grade LEDs, luminaires and displays

The CAS 140CT is one of the key measuring instruments in the complex system solutions from Instrument Systems. Due to its long life and dependability, it has become widely established in development, quality control and production lines for LEDs, OLEDs, SSL products and displays worldwide.

Due to its measuring scope to the IR range, particularly in combination with other CAS models, the CAS 140CT covers a particularly broad range of applications. It is thus the ideal solution in established and new markets for challenging measurement tasks, e.g. in transmission, reflection, photovoltaics.

CAS 140CT – Technical data

Model variants



Spectral range

780 - 1650 nm

1500 - 2150 nm

Spectral resolution (100 µm slit)

9 nm

15 nm

Data point interval

2.1 nm

3.0 nm

Straylight for LED



Wavelength measurement accuracy

±0.5 nm

±1.5 nm

The detailed measurement conditions under which the specified values have been determined can be looked up in the data sheets and brochures or requested from Instrument Systems.