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Mini array spectroradiometer

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MAS 40 – High-quality, robust CCD spectrometer technology

The compact, low cost MAS 40 mini-array spectrometer has a wide range of uses in industrial quality control as well as in research and development. It satisfies all Instrument Systems guaranteed quality requirements for spectroradiometers for the absolute measurement of light radiation. This includes calibration with the desired measurement adapter that is traceable to national and international standardization bodies such as PTB or NIST.

The MAS 40 is compatible with the complete set of Instrument Systems accessories via an optical fiber. This opens up a broad range of applications in photometry. Since the power supply is connected via USB, the MAS 40 is ideal for mobile use on the laptop.

MAS 40 – Product details:

  • Robust CCD spectrometer technology
  • All measurement adapters from Instrument Systems can be connected
  • Different models for the spectral ranges UV-VIS and VIS-NIR
  • Simple operation using SpecWin Pro/Light software
  • DLL and LabVIEW® drivers for integration in customer applications
  • Standard USB interface
  • Extremely compact design (145 x 90 x 185 mm)
  • Density filter available to extend measurable intensity range

Colorimetry and photometry in the lab

Among the many measurement adapters on the market, the MAS 40 is ideal as a low-cost measuring instrument in research and development. The broad spectrum of uses includes, e.g. LED and display metrology, general spectroradiometry and photometry and color analysis.

Examples of applications

MAS 40 – Technical data

Model variants



Spectral range

250-830 nm

380-950 nm

Spectral resolution

2.7 nm

2.7 nm

Data point interval

0.33 nm

0.33 nm

Stray light (broadband with standard illuminant A)

2·10E-3 at 400 nm

2·10E-3 at 400 nm

Wavelength measurement accuracy

±0.5 nm


The detailed measurement conditions under which the specified values have been determined can be looked up in the data sheets and brochures or requested from Instrument Systems.