01.12.10: Instrument Systems delivers 1000th CAS 140CT

In delivering the 1000th Array Spectrometer of the CAS 140CT series in July 2010, Instrument Systems proves that this system has set a worldwide standard and reconfirms the market leadership in LED-measurement technology. In addition to this main field of application the CAS 140CT is also used in display measurement, as well as for tasks in the common spectral analysis.

Equipped with high-performance detectors plus optical and electronic components, the seven models of the CAS140 CT cover a spectral range from 200 nm to 2160 nm. In combination with optimised control electronics, the new spectrometer technology permits precise acquisition and evaluation of spectra within a few milliseconds. The CAS140 CT is therefore the perfect solution to meet all requirements in R&D and production settings.

The Instrument Systems Array Spectrometer is widely used by all notable LED producers, in photometric laboratories, in the automotive industry and by mobile phone manufacturers. The CAS140 CT is equipped with a USB interface as standard and can easily be operated from a notebook. A PCI interface card is supplied as an option for integration in fast production test systems. Various software solutions from Instrument Systems are available for controlling the CAS 140 CT and evaluating the test results.