09.11.18: New LGS 650 goniophotometer for SSL modules up to 1.30 m!

With the LGS 650 Instrument Systems has developed a high-performance, space-saving measurement system specifically for solid state lighting (SSL) sources and LED modules up to a size of 1.30 m and a weight of 10 kg. The goniometer from the LGS family is suitable for a wide range of applications in the lighting laboratory.

In combination with a spectroradiometer or photometer from Instrument Systems, the LGS 650 can be used to determine spectral quantities, e.g. color coordinates, color temperature or color rendering index as a function of angle with the highest degree of precision. A comprehensive software package is available for simple and speedy analysis of spectral measurement data and export in various standard formats. Time-sensitive measurements can be made “on-the-fly” with the fast Instrument Systems photometers such as the DSP 200, i.e. while the goniophotometer is moving.

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