Press Releases


15.09.2019: Spatial radiation characteristics measured with high precision

15.09.2019: Technological advancement for fast and precise auto-motive quality testing

01.09.2019: Seminar "Licht- und Displaymesstechnik in Theorie und Praxis"

05.06.2019: Proficient implementation of new standards in light measurement technology

24.04.2019: Subpixel metrology of μLED and AR/VR display applications

14.02.2019: Radiation characteristics measured with high precision

15.01.2019: Fast, high-resolution characterization of laser and VCSEL light sources


10.12.2018: Fast production test of UV-LEDs

23.10.2018: New solutions for characterizing SSL and laser light sources at electronica 2018

15.09.2018: LGS 650: New goniophotometer for mid- to large-sized SSL sources and LED modules

16.08.2018: More accurate, faster, further with the new photometer DSP 200

24.04.2018: Display measurement systems – versatile and sophisticated

01.02.2018: Accredited quality for colorimetric quantities

01.02.2018: Stray light corrected array spectrometer reliably determines blue light hazard

15.01.2018: Mastering challenging solid-state light measurement tasks, SIL 2018 / USA


02.11.2017: Spectrally optimized LumiTop 2700 imaging colorimeter and other innovative LED, SSL and display measurement solutions, Productronica 2017 / Munich

02.09.2017: New CAS 140D spectroradiometer for challenging solid state lighting measuring tasks, LpS 2017 / Bregenz

01.09.2017: Innovations for accurate and fast measurement of headlamps and displays, ISAL 2017 / Darmstadt

01.06.2017: Instrument Systems to present numerous innovations at LASER World of PHOTONICS 2017, Munich

02.05.2017: New LumiTop 2700 imaging colorimeter and many other innovations at SID Display Week 2017, Los Angeles

10.03.2017: New calibration standard series ACS-570 for the calibration of luminous flux and intensity of LEDs

01.03.2017: Instrument Systems presents new reference instrument for spectral measurement, SIL 2017 / USA

15.02.2017: Instrument Systems presents new UV measurement technology at SIL 2017 / USA

01.02.2017: Instrument Systems publishes technical handbook on LED and SSL metrology