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Precise radiation measurement in the UV range

Calibration UV-LEDs of the Instrument Systems ACS series are extremely stable UV sources on LED basis that are traceable to radiant flux. They exhibit an extremely low measurement uncertainty (k=2) of only 4.5% (UVC), 3.5% (UVB) and 2% (UVA) and are available for typical peak wavelengths 280 nm (ACS-570-24), 305 nm (ACS-570-26), and 365 nm (ACS-570-28). Calibration UV-LEDs are used for absolute calibration and monitoring of UV measuring equipment.

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Simplified evaluation of blue light hazard

The newly developed Technical Report IEC TR 62778 on photobiological safety prescribes practical methods for investigating the blue light hazard of LED light sources in general lighting. On this basis, Instrument Systems has modified its proven TOP 200 telescopic optical probe in satisfaction of the new measurement requirements while maintaining a high level of user comfort. In conjunction with a spectroradiometer, the adapted TOP 150-BLH reliably determines the blue light hazard by an explicitly defined weighting function in the SpecWin Pro analysis software. Compared to previous measurement solutions, the TOP 150-BLH is a fast and attractively priced alternative.

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New spectroradiometer speeds up LED production