ISP 150 - Diffuse transmission and reflection measurements

The ISP 150 integrating sphere form Instrument Systems is ideally suited for the measurement of transmission and reflection from diffusely scattering objects and test samples. The design of the ISP 150 is compliant with the DIN 5036 standard for diffuse reflection measurements, i.e. 150 mm inner diameter, 25 mm entrance port und 8° angle of incidence. The coating of the ISP 150 is made from barium sulphate.

ISP 150

Due to its flexible set-up the ISP 150 can be quickly and simply reconfigured for the different measurement geometries. Using a removable beam trap, the user can choose to include or exclude the specular component (i.e. gloss) in the measurements.

Measurement geometry     IlluminationMeasurement Application example
Reflection (d/8°)diffuse 8° with glosstextured samples
Reflection (d/8°)diffuse  8° without glossglossy samples
Reflection (8°/d)diffuse with glosssolar cells
Reflection (8°/d)8°  diffuse without gloss  solar cells
Transmission0° diffusetransparent samples

For measurement geometries employing diffuse illumination as well as those for transmission, a halogen light source is attached directly onto the integrating sphere. In contrast, illumination at 8° is accomplished using a light source from the LS 100 / LS 500 series. An optical fiber is used to guide the light radiation to the collimating optics, resulting in a lightly converging beam at the sample surface.

ISP150 Design

The various measurement geometries are realized through the use of several ports:

  • 0° test sample
  • 90° halogen lamp or fiber connector
  • 172° fiber connector or halogen lamp, respectively
  • 188° beam trap