Increasingly important - Imaging photometers and colorimeters

The use of imaging photometers and colorimeters for fast recording of photometric and colorimetric quantities with spatial resolution has attracted increasing interest. Compared with measuring instruments without spatial resolution, such as spectrometers, this technology from Instrument Systems offers the following advantages:

Imaging photometers and colorimeters are the instruments of choice for:

Instrument Systems developed different measurement systems with the focus on the applications mentioned above.

The LumiCam 1300 Systems:

You will find detailed information in the LumiCam Series brochure.

The LumiCol 1900

The LumiCol 1900 combines a precise spot colorimeter with an RGB CMOS sensor for fast 2D image acquisition. As a result, the LumiCol 1900 enables a very fast and precise characterization of the whole display area in one shot.

The LumiTop System

The innovative 3-in-1 system merges a LumiTop 2700 camera and a flicker-diode with a high-end CAS140 spectroradiometer. The LumiTop system guarantees spectroradiometric precision across the whole 2D image within extremely short measuring times. It is perfectly suited for use in display production lines and quality control.