LED measurement - Matching accessories for every measurement parameter

Measurement of the various radiometric und photometric quantities of LEDs requires selection of the appropriate accessory. As all our test adapters are CIE 127:2007 compliant, comparability between measurements is guaranteed.

LED test sockets LED-437 and LED-501

Connection to the spectrometer is made using an optical fiber bundle or a multimode fiber. Accessories can thus be quickly and conveniently swapped simply by disconnecting the fiber, all without losing the calibration of the spectrometer for the respective accessory

The following table gives an overview of the available accessories:  

Optical quantity to be measured Accessories
Photometric Radiometric 
Luminous intensity [cd] Radiant intensity [W/sr] LED-4xx Luminous Intensity Adapter
(high throughput; versions available for laboratory and manufacturing)
LED-25  "Averaged LED Intensity" Adapter
(highest accuracy but lower throughput)
Luminous flux [lm]    Total radiant power [W]Integrating Spheres of the type ISP75 / ISP150L / ISP250 / ISP500 / ISP1000
Illuminance [lux]   Irradiance [W/m²] EOP-xxx Optical Probe
(see product group "General Accessories")
Luminance [cd/m²]  Radiance [W/sr m²] TOP200 Telescopic Optical Probe
(see product group "General Accessories")
Angle dependent emission characteristics  LEDGON Goniophotometer

By utilizing a spectrometer, all colorimetric parameters such as dominant wavelength, color coordinates, color temperature and color rendering index can also be determined in addition to the radiometric und photometric quantities.

Matching test sockets for every type of LED packaging

LEDs are manufactured in a variety of packaging designs and configurations - as wired single LEDs, in SMD format or as multi-chip or high power LEDs. Or even as Level 2 printed-circuit-board based products, as is the case for the Luxeon Star. The test sockets needed for mechanically aligning and electrically connecting LEDs are thus equally diverse in order to ensure reliable optical measurements. Instrument Systems provides the broadest range of mounting accessories available anywhere in the industry.

Model Application
LED-5xxprecision test sockets for all standard and high brightness LEDs in both wired and SMD formats
LED-6xxlow cost test sockets for specific LED packaging types
LED-81xtest sockets for high power LEDs up to max. 5W thermal dissipation and 2A current; cooling of the LED via heat sink and fan
LED-850TEC test adapter for high power LEDs und Level 2 boards up to max. 10W thermal dissipation and 2A current; active cooling and heating of the LED via thermoelectric cooler element