Device DLLs and LabVIEW Drivers

Instrument Systems provides device DLLs und LabVIEW drivers for controlling the spectrometers via individually designed software. The spectrometers can thus be integrated into custom measurement set-ups and used in combination with other devices. Sample software programs in various programming languages are included.

SpectrometerDevice DLLLabVIEW DriverComments
CAS 140B/CTyesyes-
CAS 120yesyes-
MAS40yesyesR1 only

The device DLLs enable remote control of all spectrometer functions as well as capturing of spectra and all calculated results. The device DLLs include the appropriate routines for calculating radiometric, photometric and colorimetric values. The DLL for the CAS140 B/CT is additionally optimized for high measurement speeds and thus supports production applications where throughput is critical.

The LabVIEW drivers correspond to an extension of each device DLL and make their functionality available in the form of LabVIEW VIs. Sample VIs are included to assist the adoption of this type of programming.