CAS 120 – The powerful spectrometer for QC and LED production

The CAS 120 is a new series of the proven CCD Array Spectrometers from Instrument Systems and presents an appealing solution for cost-sensitive applications like LED production and quality assurance. Although costs have been reduced, technical innovations deliver even higher levels of reliability and robustness. The CAS 120 complies with the high requirements for measuring accuracy and versatile application without any compromises.

CAS 120 Array Spectrometer
As in the proven CAS 140CT, a Crossed Czerny Turner Spectrograph forms the core of the spectrometer. This guarantees exceptionally low straylight and a very high level of optical precision. The CAS 120 also features an integrated density filter wheel and a dark current shutter.

A back-illuminated CCD area sensor with 2048 x 14 pixels is used for all models. Vertical binning enhances the dynamic range. Cost-intensive cooling of the CCD detector has been deliberately omitted for the CAS 120. Instead, the temperature of the CCD sensor is recorded each time a spectrum is measured, and the signal is then corrected.



Ordering Information

ModelSpectral range [nm]Number of pixelsSpectral
resolution [nm]
interval [nm]
CAS120-151360 - 830 2048 x 14 2.2 0.3
CAS120-152200 - 8002048 x 14 2.70.35
CAS120-33050 µm slit (instead of 100 µm standard slit)