Service and Support from a single source

20 years of experience in optical metrology are an impressive track record for our products - and for our company. Products from Instrument Systems are not the only aspects of this company to set benchmarks. Our service and support also contribute to safeguard the value of your technology assets over the long term and guarantee optimum productivity throughout their service life.

Maintain your competitive edge with our service and support packages:

  • Engineering services
  • Technical support including after-sales
  • Recalibrations with certification
  • Repair and hardware upgrades for instruments
  • Software updates

Service form

Does one of your instruments need to be repaired? Or do you need a recalibration or a hardware upgrade? Just click on Service Form and fill in. This ensures your request is processed quickly and guarantees fast response times.

Demo Software

Here you have the possibility to request a choice of demo software packages, in order to test it and learn how it works in a very convenient way.