Curved Displays Challenge Display Metrology

Englischer Fachartikel von Dr. Michael E. Becker, Dr. Jürgen Neumeier und Dr. Martin Wolf

Display metrology — measurement and evaluation of the electro-optical properties of display devices — is crucial in order to obtain objective characteristics that specify the performance of such displays as a basis for purchasing decisions. The usability of displays for a certain application can be estimated on the basis of performance features obtained from standardized display measurements (see, for example, ISO-9241-3xx). In the R&D activities of companies that are manufacturing displays and products with displays, display metrology is necessary to obtain performance specifications for systematic product optimization.

Measurement and evaluation of the electrooptical performance of display devices are based on the target quantities luminance (corresponding to the visual perception of brightness) and chromaticity (corresponding to the visual perception of color). They comprise four main components: lateral variations, directional variations, variations vs. electrical input, temporal variations (long and short term).

erschienen in Information Display 1/18