Goniophotometers for LED / SSL Angle-dependent measurements for LEDs and SSL luminaires

High-precision, fast testing of LED luminaires of different sizes

Instrument Systems goniophotometers can be used to comprehensively characterize LED- and SSL-based products with regard to their angle-dependent properties. The entire production chain is covered by the LGS series of goniophotometers: from small, individual LEDs and LED modules to light engines and large SSL lamps and luminaires. They set a benchmark in terms of precision, reliability and handling.

In combination with an Instrument Systems spectroradiometer, in addition to the photometric data all spectral parameters such as color coordinates, color temperature and even color rendering index can be determined as a function of angle.


Measurement geometry

In general lighting, typically the luminous intensity distribution of samples is measured in so-called C-levels. As Type C turning luminaires, the LGS series of goniometers and the LEDGON 100 are ideally suited to the characterization of general lighting, also with asymmetrical light distribution.

Type C goniophotometer

Type C goniophotometer

  • Fixed vertical axis, moving horizontal axis
  • Measurements are performed at C-level or on conical surfaces
  • Normally used for general lighting

Product variants

Instrument Systems offers a suitable goniophotometer for every sample size up to maximum 1900 mm and every sample weight up to maximum 50 kg. The smaller LEDGON 100 was designed with a lightproof housing and is mainly used for the measurement of individual LEDs and small LED modules. The larger goniophotometers LGS 1000, LGS 650 and LGS 350 – combined with the fast photometer DSP 200 – are ideal for fast “on-the-fly” measurements. Standardized measurements can be performed in a few minutes.

The SpecWin Pro software controls the measurement process and the power supply / electrical measurement of the sample. Switch-on and stabilization routines are configurable and storable, and can be conveniently retrieved for repetitive measuring tasks. Likewise, the software offers comprehensive and adaptable measurement logs and reporting functions.

Video: Our Goniophotometers LED/SSL