AMS 200 Small CIE Type A goniophotometer for medium-sized lamps

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Efficient measurement of automotive lamps and modules up to 8 kg

The AMS 200 is the compact, low-cost entry-level model from the AMS goniophotometer family. It is particularly suitable for the measurement of small to medium-sized signal lamps and headlight modules. By virtue of its compact design, e.g. integral rack version, the goniometer is ideal for spatially limited light labs. It offers virtually the same performance parameters for measurement speed and efficiency as the two Type A goniophotometers AMS 3000 and AMS 5000

With a wide range of accessories and further measuring instruments, e.g. the CAS series of spectroradiometers, the AMS 200 can be upgraded to a space-saving all-in-one system for a wide range of measurement tasks (AMS goniometer system).

AMS 200 – Product details:

  • Type A goniophotometer with H/V coordinate system for small and medium-sized automotive lights and headlight modules up to 650 mm and 8 kg nominal sample weight
  • Precise determination of all photometric, spectroradiometric and colorimetric quantities
  • Three motorized linear axes for sample alignment and automatic movement to preprogrammed positions
  • High rotation speed up to 46°/s
  • Easy alignment by hand-held remote control
  • Power supply directly to the sample stage

Product approval tests and development-related measurements

The main application of the AMS 200 is the type testing and homologation of automotive lamps and modules in accordance with the current standards such as ECE, SAE, FMVSS108.

Thanks to a wide range of accessories and LightCon software the AMS 200 is also exceptionally well-suited to development-related measurements in the light channel.

Examples of applications

AMS 200 – Technical data

The AMS 200 has a horizontal sample stage for securing and connecting the sample. The control unit is located in a separate 19” instrument cabinet. The machine can be safeguarded by safety edges on the swivel arm.



Travel range of H-axis

±160°, safeguarded by limit switches

Travel range of V-axis

±130°, safeguarded by limit switches

Resolution of angle encoder


Reproducibility of H-axis

≤0.05° (under nominal load)

Reproducibility of V-axis

≤0.05° (under nominal load)

Dimensions (H x L x W); weight    

1512  x 657 x 500 mm3; 770 kg (AMS200-110)

The detailed measurement conditions under which the specified values have been determined can be looked up in the data sheets and brochures or requested from Instrument Systems.