Precise light measurement enables decentralized component production


German Article by Dr. Cameron Hughes

The combination of different optical elements can lead to irritation in the vehicle interior if their colors are not carefully coordinated. Even colors that only slightly, yet recognizably, differ from one another, may be distracting to passengers. The more vibrant visual components are present, the greater the risk of a diverging, unharmonious element. Generally, the various components are manufactured by different suppliers. For objective and absolute testing of the optical parameters such as color and brightness, specific light measurement technology is therefore required at each production facility in order to guarantee highly comparable and metrologically traceable measurement results, and no reference measurement with a golden sample is required. For 2D displays an imaging, spatially resolved analysis and the evaluation of further aspects such as homogeneity is additionally necessary. This increases the complexity of the required test procedures and in turn the demands made on the measuring equipment.

published in OEM Supplier 2020, page 58