End-of-line (EOL) Testing of Recent OEM Display Quality Standards


Whitepaper by Instrument Systems

The display market of the automotive industry is developing at rapid rate. Along with fast technological advancement of infotainment systems, head-up displays, or central controllers, a growing demand for safety, aesthetics and user comfort is evolving. In order to economically benefit from the new challenges in the automotive interior sector, it is crucial for suppliers to have a high success rate in meeting OEM display requirements. However, the road to a successful accomplishment of OEM display quality requests can be rocky. First, a perpetual and active communication with the OEMs and the German Flat Panel Display Forum (DFF) is crucial for tracing latest agreements on quality features and to unambiguously understand the OEM testing parameters as defined in the tabular overview of the OEM Specification document. Secondly, automatized display measurement solutions as provided by light measuring companies can be non-transparent. The purpose of this report is to outline a selection of main OEM display requirements, how test parameters can be experimentally verified and to discuss what to expect in regards of time efficiency for EOL solutions. With the colorimeter LumiTop in combination with a CAS spectroradiometer we achieve a testing time of main assessment parameters, such as color, uniformity, gamma, and dot defects of less than 15 s per display total. The presented work grants way to a fast and successful production testing and therefore helps members of the OEM supply chain to access profitable business opportunities within the German automotive market.

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