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LpS Digital 2020 - Watch our conference presentation online!

Đenan Konjhodžić presents the new calibration concept for UV-LED standards. He gives a brief summary of the market trends for UV-LEDs.


Also a big virtual success: the SID Display Week 2020

Hundreds of visitors displayed a great interest in our many around-the-clock short videos and live demos on innovative measurement solutions by Instrument Systems.


10% discount on our complete UV portfolio!

In the light of COVID-19, Instrument Systems is offering a 10% discount on its high-end, all-in-one systems for the measurement of UV radiation sources e.g. UV-LEDs.


MicroLED wafertesting in production lines

The unique LumiTop principle delivers highest color accuracy, also for spectrally narrow-band μLEDs and enables accurately colorcalibrated LED measurements.