VCSEL Characterization

Polarisation-controlled 2D detection of single emitters


AR / VR Displays Testing

A guide on the measurement solutions for head-mounted displays


Ensure Perfect Display Quality

Proven measurement solutions for all stages of the manufacturing process


Compact and more efficient!

User-friendly 2D Imaging Colorimeter


All about Speed

Extremely short testing times, best optical performance!


Close to you - worldwide!

Complete systems for the measurement of luminaires and displays


Instrument Systems: We bring quality to light.

German engineering skills in optical metrology

The standard for displays, LEDs and automotive

Innovative light measurement technology

Scientific precision and industrial robustness worldwide

Customized systems


New Managing Director at Instrument Systems

On 2 April 2024 the position of the Managing Director passes to Dr. Yuta Yamanoi, who together with CEO Dr. Markus Ehbrecht will form the new Instrument Systems management team.

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Testing under special luminance conditions

The NEW LumiTop X20 and X30 feature high camera resolution (20 MP and 31 MP respectively) and improved dynamic range from 10⁻³ to 10⁶ cd/m².

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Instrument Systems – 35 years of the highest level of expertise for customized system solutions in light measurement technology!

  • High-end light measurement technology –

indispensable for the manufacturers of consumer electronics, displays, VCSEL or laser-based systems, automotive lighting and LED/SSL modules

  • CAS series of high-precision spectroradiometers –

as proven reference systems for all light sources from UV to IR in thousands of applications

  • Fast imaging systems comprising cameras and goniometers – 

developed for the spatially resolved acquisition of photometric and colorimetric values in display development and production

  • Comprehensive portfolio of infrared measurement systems – 

the benchmark for individualized and reliable production tests of infrared sources such as NIR LEDs, VCSEL and laser

  • Traceably calibrated measuring equipment –

guaranteed quality according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2018 for accredited photometric test labs