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Instrument Systems extends its core business segments Display Testing and Optical Measurement

Aquisition of a 100% shareholding in Kimsoptec in Korea

Instrument Systems GmbH (Instrument Systems), a German manufacturer of high-precision spectroradiometers, cameras and complex display and light measurement systems, has extended its core business segments Display Testing and Optical Measurement through the acquisition of a Korean manufacturer of display measurement systems.

A share purchase agreement has been signed to acquire a 100 % shareholding in Kimsoptec Co., Ltd. (Kimsoptec), a display measurement equipment manufacturer and exclusive distributor of the Instrument Systems product portfolio in Korea since 2005.

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New CIE report on spectroradiometry

Just published: CIE 250:2022 Technical Report on spectroradiometric measurements, the evaluation of measurement uncertainties and instrument calibration with a high level of practical relevance.


Under the scientific direction of Instrument Systems, the Technical Committee TC2-80 of the CIE has prepared a new technical report on the spectroradiometric measurement of optical radiation sources. The document, published as CIE 250:2022, supersedes the almost 40-year-old report CIE 063-1984. Practically oriented, it explains the basic measurement principles and provides practical instructions for the measurement of irradiance, radiation density, radiation intensity and radiant flux, including instrument calibration. In addition, the report describes in detail the physical effects relevant to spectroradiometric measurements, and in particular the estimation of measurement uncertainties. The measurement uncertainties occurring in every measurement quantitatively determine the accuracy of the calibration chain for traceable measured values.

At Light+Building in Frankfurt from 2–6 October 2022, visitors to the Instrument Systems booth will learn more about high-precision and traceably calibrated light measurement systems (Hall 8.0 H38). Technical Report CIE 250:2022 can be purchased in the CIE online shop:

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Far-field analysis of infrared sources


High-performance for wavelengths in infrared


Polarization-controlled VCSEL testing


LIV test systems for laser diodes