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Spectral characterization of VCSELs, microLEDs and AR/VR displays

At booth 4106 at SPIE Photonics West 2023 (USA) Instrument Systems will be showcasing its premium-class spectroradiometers and combined measurement solutions with absolutely calibrated cameras. Different model variants of the spectrally enhanced LumiTop 2D imaging colorimeter are available and are ideally suited to μLED array testing. The LumiTop AR/VR with periscope lens permits parallel 2-eye measurements for AR/VR headsets, even in confined spaces. Thanks to the innovative one-shot process, the VTC infrared camera simultaneously measures the spatial polarization of the individual emitters of a VCSEL array and delivers the information necessary to reduce the polarization dependence of the measurement setup. All systems are available for lab use and production applications with a focus on faster takt times. At the concurrent SPIE AR/VR/MR conference, Instrument Systems will be contributing a poster presentation on the subject of “Validating distortion measurements of wide-field-of-view near-eye displays.”

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Instrument Systems VCSEL analysis camera wins Photonics Award

Photonics industry awards Instrument Systems a prize for VTC 4000 infrared camera for the 2D near-field analysis of VCSEL arrays.

Instrument Systems presented its new VTC 4000 infrared camera at Photonics West at the beginning of 2022. This camera has now received the “Laser Focus World Innovators Award 2022” in silver from a jury of experts from the photonics industry. The VTC 4000 VCSEL analysis camera was specially developed for the ultrafast, precise 2D near-field analysis of narrowband emitters, e.g. VCSELs or lasers. It can be seen live at the Instrument Systems Booth B5.418 at electronica 2022 in Munich in November.

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