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Enabling optical fingerprint sensors with IR wavelength at 1380 nm

Instrument Systems has developed a modular high-end IR test solution that meets the requirements of optical under-display fingerprint sensors with wavelengths above 1100 nm. As the IR radiation at 1380 nm is verified to avoid burn-in phenomena, the requested test equipment needs to be a high-end solution: high-resolution and calibrated for precise measurement of radiometric quantities, pulse measurement in the μs range and with temperature control.

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Create the perfect user experience with high-end light measurement technology

At Display Week 2021, Instrument Systems will showcase an extraordinary portfolio of light measurement technology with unprecedented accuracy for the perfect user experience with displays of all types.

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Short-pulse testing for temperature-sensitive, high-power LEDs


Measure what the human eye sees: optical testing of AR/VR headsets


Efficient testing of advanced headlamps