Testing adaptive headlights in conformance with standards


Article by Dr. Karin Duhnke

Instrument Systems presents a newly developed measuring system for the variable testing of state-of-the-art ADB headlights (Adaptive Driving Beam) in conformance with standards, also the recently amended US standard FMVSS 108.The fast and reliable test system is based on theproven, high-precision DSP 200 photometer. The latter hasa very wide measuring range of 0.1 mlx to 200 klx for allstandard light sources and satisfies the requirement of thehighest accuracy class L in accordance with DIN 5032-7(2017). It is ideally suited to ultra-fast measurements – also incombination with the Instrument Systems AMS or LGS seriesof goniophotometers. With the support of the specificallydeveloped software, conformity tests can be efficientlyperformed.

Published in Ingénieurs de l’Automobile No. 879, September 2022