Fast production test of UV-LEDs


Measurement system consisting of an integrating sphere with PTFE-coating and a highly precise spectroradiometer for fast 24/7 quality control

Numerous applications, for example in the medical area or in material testing, are based on precisely specified UV radiation.

For UV-B and UV-C emitters, the measurement of their spectrum between 325 nm down to 200 nm is generally only possible with extended measurement times due to their low radiant flux. As such, a condition for fast testing within production is high reliability in conjunction with high optical throughput of all participating system components.

Within its well-established CAS-series of premium spectroradiometers over many years, Instrument Systems has developed a novel series-type CAS 140D-157. This new system measures precisely and reliably not only within the visible spectrum, but also in the UV. Coupled with a PTFE-coated integrating sphere, the system permits for fast 24/7 production tests of UV emitters to be run.

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