MicroLED wafertesting in production lines


An optical quality test of μLEDs at an early production stage avoids rejects in the downstream process chain and increases the economy of μLED production. This requires measuring devices that deliver reliable and accurate results at production speed. Instrument Systems offers a unique camera-based measurement solution, which creates 2-dimensional, pixel-precise optical analyses within specified takt times. The LumiTop 4000 is an advanced development based on the industry-proven LumiTop 2700 with 12 MP resolution. It detects even smaller defects and inhomogeneities and, in combination with a 100 mm macro lens, enables the rapid parallel analysis of μLEDs on a wafer. A hardware trigger enables time-optimized control and synchronization of the measurements and data processing. The unique LumiTop principle delivers highest color accuracy, also for spectrally narrow-band μLEDs and enables accurately colorcalibrated LED measurements even with significant spectral fluctuations within production batches. A fully electronic high-luminance mode expands the dynamic range, e.g. for modulated displays and light sources, which can be adjusted by optical filters for highest luminance levels.

LumiTop 4000