CAS 140CT-HR High-resolution array spectroradiometer for laser and VCSEL

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CAS 140CT-HR – Ideal for precise measurement of laser diodes in the laboratory and production

The high-resolution CAS 140CT-HR spectroradiometer is based on Instrument Systems successful CAS 140CT series of array spectroradiometers. It was developed specially for the evaluation of narrow-band emission sources (laser, VCSEL) and offers extremely high spectral resolution with short measuring times.

The cooled CCD detector enables complex spectral measurements, also of extremely short light pulses, with low dark current and low noise. Since longer integration times are possible with the CAS 140CT-HR, it is also suitable for very weak light sources.

Like all CAS models from Instrument Systems, the CAS 140CT-HR also has a PTB traceable calibration. The USB standard interface can be used via a PCIe interface for extended trigger options. An integral density filter wheel and aperture for dark measurements enable fully automatic measurements while ensuring an extremely high dynamic range of the detector.

SpecWinPro software from Instrument Systems is available for comprehensive measurements in the lab. Additionally, CAS 140CT-HR models are compatible with DLL and LabVIEW® drivers for integration in customized programs and production environments.

CAS 140CT-HR – Product details:

  • Spectral solution up to 0.2 nm FWHM (0.08 nm data point interval)
  • Typically 80, 120 or 160 nm wide measuring ranges in the spectral range of 800-1000 nm (further measuring ranges <800 nm on request)
  • Active cooled high-end CCD detector for highest measurement sensitivity, dynamic range and stability
  • Integral density filter wheel for an exceptionally wide measurable intensity range
  • USB or PCIe interface with extended trigger options
  • Software packages for lab and production applications

Diverse applications for laser diode measurement with the CAS 140CT-HR

With the development of new technologies in consumer electronics (e.g. facial recognition), the automotive industry (LiDAR) and material processing (high-performance diode laser), laser diodes are being used in large numbers for ever new applications. The high-resolution spectroradiometers from Instrument Systems guarantee fast and precise measurement both in development labs and production.

The CAS 140 CT-HR models cover several narrow measuring ranges between 800 and 1000 nm and are thus suitable for all typical measurement requirements for narrow-band light sources.

Examples of applications

CAS 140CT-HR – Technical data

Model variants

Grating 1200 lines/mm

Grating 1200 lines/mm

Grating 1800 lines/mm

Spectral range

805-975 nm

840-1006 nm

902-982 nm

Central wavelength

888 nm

923 nm

941 nm

Spectral resolution (typical)

0.4 nm

0.4 nm

0.2 nm

Data point interval

0.16 nm

0.16 nm

0.08 nm

Wavelength measurement accuracy

±0.05 nm

±0.05 nm

±0.05 nm

The detailed measurement conditions under which the specified values have been determined can be looked up in the data sheets and brochures or requested from Instrument Systems.

Customized measurement ranges (also < 800 nm) on request