UV-LED Measurement Sensitive and precise UV measurement in the lab from 200 nm

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Reference systems for UV-LED production

UV-LED lab measuring stations are used for testing new products or, e.g. building reference systems for UV-LED production. In order to cater for new measurement scenarios, the individual system components of the high-end portfolio from Instrument Systems are subject to ongoing technological improvement.

Key Features:

  • High sensitivity in the UV from 200 nm
  • Calibration traceable to PTB
  • Very low stray light level
  • Optional: stray light correction matrix for best-possible measurement accuracy


Reliable and accurate measurement of the radiant flux of UV-LEDs calls for extremely sensitive optical measurement systems for precise radiometric characterization. This is particularly applicable to the spectral range of UVB and UVC-LEDs that typically have a comparatively low optical power.

System configuration

An all-in-one system for determining the radiant flux of UV-LEDs in the lab typically comprises the following components:

Component Description


CAS 140D-157 (UV-VIS) for the 200-830 nm spectral range with a particularly high level of sensitivity in UV from 200 nm.

Integrating spheres

Integrating spheres ISP50UV, ISP150UV and ISP250UV with an inside diameter of 50, 150 and 250 mm with PTFE reflective material for high optical throughput in UV from 200 nm. An adapter plate for holding LED test sockets and an SMA connection for an external auxiliary light source are available for lab use.

Calibration Calibration traceable to national standards as PTB or NIST.


SpecWinPro lab software with numerous functions for the measurement of LEDs

UV reference LED

ACS-570-24, -26, -28: reference LEDs with 285 nm, 315 nm and 365 nm for testing the UV measurement system. Use in combination with a highly stable PSU-10 power source.

Stray light matrix

Best-possible stray light properties using a spectrometer specific numerical stray light correction.

Auxiliary light source

LS500 dual light source with halogen and deuterium lamp for performing self-absorption correction.

LED test socket (optional)

Customized LED test sockets with or without active cooling tailored to the LED adapter plate of the integrating spheres.

Individual configuration

The multitude of product versions and optional accessories make this highly flexible system solution from Instrument Systems ideal for extensive measurement of UV-LEDs during the development process or in quality control. 

Our system experts will be pleased to provide competent advice on your particular application. Together we will find the right solution – just ask us!

Examples of applications