Integrating Spheres UV / IR Precise measurement of UV-/IR-LEDs

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Integrating spheres with highly reflective PTFE coating

The portfolio from Instrument Systems comprises complete measurements systems for ultraviolet radiation in the ranges UV-A, -B and -C as well as in the infrared range. A wide range of integrating spheres made of PTFE material in combination with high-quality spectroradiometers of the CAS series enable ultrasensitive measurements of radiant power also in the UV and IR wavelength range.

Each sphere is equipped with a set of measurement adapters for all relevant applications in the lab and in LED production. The highly reflective PTFE coating ensures high throughput, also in the critical ranges UV and IR.

All measuring systems with PTFE integrating spheres are delivered with calibration traceable to PTB.

Product details:

  • Complete system solutions for UV and IR measurement
  • Ultrasensitive measurement of UV radiation from 200 nm up to 2500 nm
  • High optical throughput with the use of highly reflective PTFE material
  • Stray light correction by state-of-the-art methods available as an option
  • Highly reflective coating also suitable for demanding measurements in the IR spectral range

Precise radiometric characterization down to 200 nm

Typical production applications for small ISP-PTFE spheres are, e.g. wafer probing and chip testing, for larger spheres single-/multi-chip testing.

PTFE spheres are used in the lab both in actual product development of UV-LEDs and for building reference systems for the production of UV light sources.

Technical data – ultrasensitive measurements with traceable calibration