Efficient testing of advanced headlamps


Article by Oliver Esterl

Instrument Systems presents a newly developed system for ultra-fast testing a wide range of lighting scenarios for advanced headlamps, e.g. HD / ADB / matrix / pixel headlamps. The AMS screen imaging system consists of a far field goniometer, a screen photometer and an illuminance meter and allows synchronized measurements for luminance and far field on a high level of accuracy. Supported by the extended LightCon software, compliance checks according to ECE / SAE / ICAO / FAA regulations as well as extensive graphical analysis are efficient to perform.

The future of car light lies in dazzle-free main beams in HD quality and in a tight interaction between vehicle and innumerable sensors. The board computer receives detailed information about the environment from sensors that calculate in real time the brightness values for each of over two million pixels. Further functions such as symbol and video projection onto the road add to the complexity of the lighting devices. Traditional methods of measuring light distribution with a far-field goniophotometer and illuminance meter have become inefficient and inadequate, as they are not fast enough for measuring every possible lighting scenario in an R&D environment.

published in OEM Supplier 2021