Characterization of Blue Light Hazard

Date: 2019/10/09 – 2019/12/30

Dr. Ðenan Konjhodžić

The rapidly growing significance of modern solid state lighting (SSL) technology in our daily working and living environment raises important safety issues, such as the blue light hazard (BLH). The original IEC 62471 standard places high demands on measurement equipment and procedures for the reliable assessment of the BLH risk classes of light sources. Additionally, the IEC Technical Report 62778 explains how to apply the IEC 62741 for simple assessment of the BLH of lamps and luminaires with visible radiation. However, this has not yet become a standard. Currently, worldwide efforts are underway to elevate this report to a new standard and add more detailed measurement procedures for BLH assessment that are accessible to a broader community. We will evaluate and compare these methods using some practical measurements, and emphasize the advantages and disadvantages of each method. Every manufacturer should perform BLH assessment for the permission of new SLL products.

Lux et Color Vesprimiensis
Völgyikút Ház, Veszprém, Ungarn
Thursday, 10 Oktober 2019, 5:20 pm

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