Comprehensive Extended Reality Test and Audit Solutions for Near-Eye Displays, Headset Infrared Light Sources and Optical Components


Date: 2022/09/20, 09:30 AM (EST)

Dr. Tobias Steinel

Location: online

Visible and infrared light measurement devices (LMDs) are essential tools for developing novel extended reality display and sensing technologies as well as for quality assurance in the display and headset mass production. Extended reality devices come with a multitude of test requirements and the need to measure the same way as the human eye sees, and also might require different LMDs in the development and production phases.

In the design phase, it is often important to measure at the physical limits in order to accurately evaluate optical components and detect systematic variations in the display performance. For near-eye displays for example, absolute accuracy of color, luminance, diffraction-limited sharpness (MTF) and distortion are essential parameters to optimize the design and hence the users visual perception. In the production phase, speed, reliability and traceable long-term accuracy are key requirements. 

In this presentation, find out about optical extended reality testing concepts that link complementary measurement tasks by a no-maintenance, traceable reference and calibration solution and about a dedicated audit concept to guarantee seamless quality assurance throughout the whole development and production cycle, from Lab to Fab.


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