Metrological Challenges of Non-Planar Displays


Date: 2019/03/27 – 2019/12/30

Andreas Kreisel

When new display technologies and trends enter the display market, adaptations or even new solutions for their standardized, i.e. comparable optical characterization are needed. Amongst new trends, curved and flexible displays are most likely to be adopted by the market because curvature opens up a variety of new possibilities in terms of design and applications. On the other hand, those displays also introduce challenges for display metrology [1, 2]. Here, we explain the basic differences between planar and cylindrical display screens during measurement of lateral and directional uniformity of luminance and chromaticity for both, imaging light measurement devices (ILMD), and spot light measurement devices (spot LMD). We will also show that no substantially new metrological methods are needed for the assessment of the optical characteristics of curved displays.

ICDT International Conference on Display Technology 2019
Kunshan, Suzhou, China
Thursday, 28 March 2019, 5:40 -6:00 pm

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