Quality control of AR/VR near-eye-displays: Goniometric versus advanced 2D imaging light measurements


Date: 2021/03/27 – 2021/03/29

Dr. Tobias Steinel

Location: SPIE AR/VR/MR, Live on Demand, Conference 11765-36

Novel display technologies for AR/VR/MR devices require advanced imaging systems to control quality during assembly and to calibrate the device. Such calibration yields an optimal match of left and right eye and allows color management for an accurate match of real world and virtual objects. For accurate measurement, such an imaging system should be based on a lens system that mimics the human eye system and have a similar-sized entrance pupil in front of the lens. Traditionally two approaches have been proposed: sampling spot measurements and camera based solutions and both have their advantages. Spot measurements allow goniometric sampling of the retina, which is not an imaging plane, but a hollow sphere. In this paper we present a novel lens design with a two-stage external aperture to accurately measure the pupil-fill factor, especially at the verge of the eye box. Imaging systems have other advantages and allow one-shot measurement, which makes a new set of evaluations possible, e.g. temporal and the evaluation of spatial distortions.

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