The importance of polarization characterization and eye safety assessment of VCSELs


Date: 2022/06/12

Dr. Karthik Iyer

Location: EPIC Online Technology Meeting

Novel VCSEL arrays require spatial testing of the whole ensemble as well as of the single emitters in the near-field. Such optical measurements must be calibrated, corrected for polarization dependency and traceable to ensure minimum error budgets for eye safety evaluation.

A typical measurement system reveals a polarization dependency; hence it is essential that the polarization of VCSEL emitters is accounted for in the measurement of quantities such as absolute power. It should be noted that if the polarization of VCSEL emitters is not taken into consideration, there is a distinct possibility that the results will be incorrectly computed. Moreover, quantities such as absolute power are crucial to evaluate accessible emission limits (AEL) for laser eye safety classification.

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