AMS Screen Imaging System – all-in-one solution for the measurement of modern headlight systems

AMS Screen Imaging System

Cutting edge, high-definition ADB or matrix pixel headlights realize numerous light distributions. In the development process a wide range of light scenarios must therefore be adequately determined in the shortest possible time. 

For this purpose, Instrument Systems developed the AMS screen imaging system. It consists of a LumiCam 2400B, an AMS goniophotometer, the new ACS 630 calibration light source, a DSP 200 photometer and a projection screen – the ideal combination of fast imaging of light distributions and high precision goniophotometric measurements.

This results in significant time savings compared to classical methods of measurement. A further advantage is the easy upgrade of existing AMS systems with the LumiCam 2400B and its integration into the LightCon control software. The latter is used for fully automatic goniometric measurement and delivers all the required test reports and graphics. In addition, classical measurements with the DSP 200 photometer and LumiCam can also be coupled in one project, thus combining the advantages of the two measuring methods.

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