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Đenan Konjhodžić, product manager at Instrument Systems, presents the new calibration concept for UV-LED standards. The overall combination of multiple sources and control measurements with prior quality checks of measurement devices and stable light sources is necessary for multiple applications where standards are used. The characterization of the ACS UV standards as described here is a combination of multiple precise steps:

  • All measurements are traceable to national standards
  • The light source itself is manufactured with the highest demands on optical characteristics, mechanical tests, and thermal stability to ensure long-term duration of calibration
  • Spectral measurement setups (UV spectrometer, optical coupling unit, and UV fibers) are selected and characterized with the aim of minimizing fluorescence and stray light influences
  • The mechanical setup (goniometer) enables not only overall power characterization of the device under test but the coverangular characteristics as well
  • Double confirmation with separate calibrated light sources (both with equipment traceable to national standards) delivers maximum reliability and minimum uncertainty

The extremely low measurement uncertainties (k=2) of the UV-ACS are comparably low to those in the metrologically unproblematic visible range, thereby offering a reliable resource for radiant flux calibration in the UV-A, UV-B, and UV-C ranges.

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