Integrating Spheres ITS Luminous flux measurement of light sources for automotive exterior

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Integrating sphere for the Optronik line of measurements systems

ITS integrating spheres belong to the portfolio of the Optronik product line from Instrument Systems. Their 80% reflective barium sulfate coating and measurement geometry were specially developed for the characterization of lamps and modules in the automotive, traffic lighting and aerospace industries. They are available in the sizes (diameter) 500 mm and 1000 mm.

A lamp adjustment rod permits the setting of three different burning positions (hanging, standing, horizontal), in order to operate the test sample in the respective burning position as prescribed by standard.

Product details:

  • Measurement geometry in accordance with CIE 84
  • Barium sulfate coating with 80% reflectance value
  • Lamp holder can be suspended, standing or horizontally mounted
  • Integral auxiliary light source for determining self-absorption of the sample

One solution for multiple measurement tasks

  • Determination of luminous flux and color coordinates of lamps in combination with photometer, tristimulus colorimeter and spectroradiometer.
  • Determination of material properties (reflection and transmission) of a wide range of materials
  • Luminance standard, i.e. light source with homogeneous radiation surface for the calibration of photometers, CCD cameras, etc.

With the right accessories, ITS spheres are also ideally suited to the measurement of reflection and transmission.

Examples of applications

Model overview


Inside diameter


ITS 500

500 mm

Measurement of the luminous flux and color coordinates of lamps in accordance with CIE Publication No. 84 and ECE R37 (automotive lamps )

ITS 1000

1000 mm

Measurement of the luminous flux and color coordinates of lamps in accordance with CIE Publication No. 84 and ECE R37, ECE R99 (automotive lamps incl. discharge lamps)

The detailed measurement conditions under which the specified values have been determined can be looked up in the data sheets and brochures or requested from Instrument Systems.


  • Wide range of test holders with Lemosa plug-in connector for single or dual filament lamps with 4 or 6 contacts (with sensor line)
  • Measurement of discharge lamps in accordance with ECE R99
  • Safety shutdown of power supply when operating high voltage lamps
  • Luminous flux meter, tristimulus colorimeter, SNT 10 DC power supply and software