PD 100 Photodiodes Fast measurement of radiant power in VIS or IR

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Photodiodes for integration into Instrument Systems measuring systems for fast measurement of radiant power

PD 100 photodiodes are compact measuring instruments that can be perfectly integrated into a measuring system for luminous flux or radiant power with an Instrument Systems integrating sphere. They are the perfect complement for fast measurements in production. A CAS series spectrometer can be connected parallel to the Instrument Systems 3-port integrating spheres to enable simultaneous spectral measurements on the device under test (DUT). With direct offsetting of the DUT spectrum with the calibration curve of the photodiode, the readings for luminous flux or radiant power can be determined even more accurately.

For spectral ranges from 400 nm to 1700 nm

PD 100 photodiodes are available either with a silicon or InGaAs detector. Models with a silicon detector cater for the measuring range 400 to 1100 nm. They are tailored to integrating spheres with barium sulfate coating (ISP 75B and ISP 100B).

Models with an indium gallium arsenide detector are designed for measurements between 900 and 1700 nm. They are mounted on an integrating sphere with PTFE coating. The latter is also significantly better suited to measurement at wavelengths of over 1100 nm, as the reflectivity fluctuates less compared to barium sulfate and remains consistently high.

Product details:

  • Wide measuring range 400–1100 nm (Si) or 900–1700 nm (InGaAs)
  • Short rise / decay times for the measurement of pulsed sources
  • Calibration data in 10 nm steps stored on PD 100
  • Mechanically matched to the Instrument Systems portfolio of advanced 3-port integrating spheres
  • Traceable calibration for absolute measurements and LIV measurements with .dll or SpecWin Pro (from 4.0)

Highly precise and traceable measurements

As with all Instrument Systems measuring instruments, in the calibration of PD 100 photodiodes the determined sensitivity is traceable to PTB or NIST. The calibration curve is stored on the photodiode in 10 nm steps. It is used in the SpecWin Pro software or PD.dll taking into account the spectrum of the light source for determining the absolute radiant power (or luminous flux). This process makes highly precise and traceable measurements possible.

The photodiode is calibrated in the Instrument Systems test lab accredited to ISO 17025 and is traceable to national standards (e.g. PTB or NIST). Each photodiode is delivered with an individual test report on spectral sensitivity.

Fast measurement of VCSELs or LEDs

Photodiode PD 100 is the ideal complement for a measurement system comprising a spectroradiometer (CAS series) and integrating sphere (ISP series). The fast response time of the photodiode also enables the exact measurement of pulsed light sources, e.g. for determining the LIV curve of a VCSEL. If a fast multimeter with high sampling rates is used (e.g. Keithley 7510, 1 ms/sec), optical flanks can also be made visible.

Technical data

Model variants

PD100-SB-0001 or

PD100-IP-0001 or
PD100-IP-0002 *

Detector material

Silicon (Si)

IndiumGalliumArsenide (InGaAs)

Spectral range

400 - 1100 nm

900 - 1700 nm

Wavelength of highest sensitivity

960 nm

1550 nm

Rise / decay time

40 µs (typ.)

5 µs (typ.)

Typ. amplification (on ISP 100)

240 V/W (@940nm) or
28 V/W (@940nm)

2700 V/W (@1380nm) or
12.5 V/W (@1380nm)

* PD100-IP-0002 without calibration