Detection of pixel defects


Displays are constantly increasing in size, and quality requirements are becoming more exacting. How can the quality of a display be objectively evaluated with the highest degree of precision?

The innovative concept of the Instrument Systems’ LumiTop imaging colorimeter combines a RGB camera and flicker diode with a high-end spectroradiometer of the CAS 140 series. Due to the special design of the LumiTop, all three sensors measure simultaneously. The extremely precise spectrometer measurement data can thus be used as a live reference for camera measurement.

The result is the determination of tristimulus values X, Y, Z for every camera pixel with spectroradiometric precision. The LumiTop series is thus the perfect solution for display production lines and in-process quality control. The new LumiTop 4000 version offers an enhanced image resolution of 12 megapixels. This facilitates the detection of pixel defects and minor irregularities (e.g. muras).

At Laser China from 20–22 March 2019 we will be demonstrating the LumiTop 4000 in a production application.

March 20 - 22, 2019, Booth W4.4608