TOP 150-BLH for reliable BLH testing to IEC TR 62778


According to Technical Report IEC TR 62778, Instrument Systems has developed a fast and practical measuring system for the evaluation of LEDs in excess of 360 nm. The new TOP 150-BLH telescopic optical probe is based on the proven TOP 200 telescopic optical probe, although it has only one aperture with a diameter of 7 mm. The aperture is positioned at the same height as the objective lens and corresponds to the reference level. A measuring spot over 2.2 mm is set via an internal aperture for test objects at a distance of 200 mm. This can be easily positioned by means of an internal alignment camera. A direct spectral radiance measurement can be made in conjunction with a calibrated CAS 140 D spectroradiometer and the accompanying SpecWin Pro analysis software. In dependency of the radiation density LB and the calculated maximum exposure time tmax measured with the blue light hazard function, the analysis software classifies the light sources according to the four risk groups specified by the standard. Due to the simple measurement set-up, rapid and long-term stable measurements are also possible in production applications.