Display Characterization Standard evaluation and specification of displays

Full optical evaluation of display quality at every point of the manufacturing process chain

Today’s electro-optical displays are everyday applications such as:

  • Consumer electronics
  • Automotive
  • Medicine
  • Aviation, maritime industry
  • Military
  • Industry
  • Whiteware

Standard and objective evaluation of display characteristics

Displays, single components and panels must be objectively tested at all stages of the manufacturing process. The measuring instrument simulates the human eye or visual system and fulfils a number of tasks:

  • Standard evaluation of ergonomic and safety-relevant characteristics
  • Determining product specifications
  • Product and technology optimization
  • Quality control

For many years Instrument Systems has specialized in all-in-one systems for display measurement for all conceivable applications. Manufacturers of components and panels, integrators and renowned brand manufacturers of electronic devices all over the world use our extensive product portfolio. For their diverse applications they trust in our broad know-how in display metrology and the outstanding quality of our products, developed and manufactured in Germany.

The challenge: Demanding measuring tasks for new display technologies (LCD, OLED, Quantum Dots, µLED)

The LCD technology from the 1980s is undergoing constant change. New technologies such as OLED and µLED enable new form factors, designs and applications. These give rise to new challenges for typical measuring tasks on components and terminal equipment:

  • Uniformity, homogeneity of image content
  • Color rendering quality
  • Flicker and switching times
  • Influence of viewing direction on contrast, color, luminance
  • Influence of ambient light and temperature on the optical properties

Our solution: DMS and DTS all-in-one systems and the LumiCam series of luminance cameras

Instrument Systems DMS all-in-one systems were designed for the qualification of electro-optical displays of all technologies in their entire product development cycle. All measurements can be reproducibly performed in a wide range of application scenarios with regard to viewing direction, temperature and ambient light. In addition, Instrument Systems offers a comprehensive software package for further analysis, visualization, classification and data export.

The universal DTS 140 display test system is used in quality control and as a reference instrument in the lab. It is based on the CAS 140 series of high-end-spectrometers and the TOP 200 telescopic optical probe. With this system, minor features or areas of the display can be measured and analyzed with the highest degree of accuracy. Different lenses and an aperture wheel guarantee high flexibility.

Our systems based on the LumiCam imaging photometer and colorimeter are widely used for displays in automotive interiors. In addition, they are suitable for the measurement of ambient lighting, e.g. in automotive interiors.

Do you have a specific requirement? Please feel free to contact us. The modular design of our hard- and software permits a wide range of customized solutions.

Video: Testing solutions for displays