Flat Panel Display Production Fast and accurate optical tests in display production

Reliable in-line quality control ensures brilliant displays

Flat panel displays are an essential component of many consumer electronics devices such as smartphones and televisions. The quality of the display is one of the main selling points. Quality control of displays in the production line is thus of critical importance: accurate and fast measurement of the decisive parameters for the human eye becomes a key success factor for display manufacturers.

Some of the critical test variables for in-line quality control of displays are:

  • CIE 1931 luminance Lv
  • CIE 1931 Color coordinates x and y
  • Lateral homogeneity, gamma curve, color space, white point, etc.  

The challenge: Growing test requirements for OLED and µLED technologies

Innovative technologies such as OLEDs and µLEDs foster the ongoing improvement of displays, e.g. more saturated colors, higher resolution or more flexible form factors. The consequence is ever stricter requirements on optical tests for the quality control of displays during production.

Measuring instruments must satisfy strict specifications in order to guarantee the constantly growing quality demands for state-of-the-art displays. 100% quality control calls for innovative measuring solutions with extremely reliable and powerful light measurement instruments – with increasingly high resolution. At the same time, certain factors are essential for low-cost display production:

  • Short measuring times
  • Automated 24/7 use
  • Stability in the harsh production environment in terms of temperature, dust, humidity, etc.

Our solution: spectrally optimized LumiTop test system and universal DTS 140 display test system from Instrument Systems

LumiTop test systems from Instrument Systems combine highest measurement accuracy with the speed and robustness that is critical for production lines. They are easily integrated into every production environment, and large numbers are in use at leading display manufacturers worldwide.

Independently of the technology of the test sample (OLED, LCDs, QD-LCDs, µ-LEDs, etc.) the LumiTop system enables, for example, the determination of display uniformity, pixel defects (mura) and gamma exponents. The innovative concept combines three sensors in one system: a high-end CAS 140D spectroradiometer, high-resolution imaging colorimeter and photodiode.

Instrument Systems provides several LumiTop models with different resolutions, up to 600 MP per color channel for pixel-accurate analysis of displays (LumiTop X150).

The universal DTS140 display test system is used both in quality control and as a reference device in the lab. It is based on a high-end spectrometer of the CAS 140 series and a TOP 200 telescopic optical probe. With this system, small features or areas of the display can be measured and analyzed with the highest degree of accuracy. Different lenses and an aperture wheel guarantee a high degree of flexibility.

What is your individual challenge in the measurement of displays? Together we will find the right solution – just ask us!

All-in-one solution for production customers

Based on our many years of experience and considerable expertise, we are able to offer our production customers far more than a superior measurement solution.

Our all-in-one package comprises

  • Customized product adaptations for new applications, while ensuring traceability
  • Customized auditing solutions (audit for cameras and spektrometers)
  • Simple integration into the production line
  • Powerful analytical software for the reference lab
  • Outstanding on-site service, worldwide

Our application support will manage the integration into any production line. Our excellent service is available worldwide – and in particular in Asia – directly at our customers’ premises.

Experience our LumiTop portfolio interactively in our video!

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