LumiTop Display Production Testing All-in-one solution for quality control in production lines

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One test station – three sensors – all tests

Display test systems of the LumiTop family are optimized for quality control in production. They comprise a LumiTop imaging colorimeter, a high-end spectroradiometer of the CAS series and a photodiode. In this way all relevant optical tests can be performed in one test station. The most important test variables include:

  • Measurement of display uniformity (luminance and color)
  • Detection of defects (Mura)
  • Determination of Gamma exponents
  • Flicker and luminance modulations

The innovative concept enables simultaneous measurement of all three sensors, guaranteeing not only extremely short measurement times, but also high, absolute precision thanks to the spectral reference measurement. The LumiTop measurement solution can be used independently of the display technology of the test sample. It is particularly suitable for measuring complex new display technologies such as OLED or µ-LED displays.

LumiTop imaging colorimeters are available in several versions with color sensors from 12 MP to 150 MP. Thanks to the pixel shifter, subpixel analyses are possible, with up to 600 MP using the LumiTop X150.

Key Features:

  • 2D measurement with unrivalled accuracy thanks to the reference spectrometer
  • Extremely short measurement times
  • Simultaneous measurement of flicker or luminance modulations
  • All-in-one measurement solution for all relevant optical tests
  • Easy integration into the production line
  • Absolute precision: no golden sample calibration necessary
  • Imaging colorimeters with 12 and 150 MP color sensors

Requirements: high performance and production suitability

Very strict requirements are generally placed on measuring systems in display quality control:

  • High precision, repeatability and reliability
  • Rugged and robust, for use under harsh production conditions
  • 24/7 operation over long periods of time
  • Short measuring times for the observance of high cycle times
  • Simple integration into the production line

Instrument Systems satisfies these requirements with its intelligent LumiTop measuring concept, in which all relevant optical production tests are performed in one measuring station. For many years LumiTop systems have been tried and tested in the production facilities of many renowned display manufacturers, setting global standards.

System configuration

A complete system from the LumiTop family typically consists of the following components:

Component Description

Array spectroradiometer

CAS 140D-151 (VIS) for the spectral range of 360-830 nm

LumiTop imaging colorimeter

LumiTop 4000 with 12-megapixel RGB camera

LumiTop X 150 with 150-megapixel RGB camera


Extensive LumiSuite lab software for measurement of displays, software development kit (SDK) for simple integration of the hardware into the production line


Calibrations by Instrument Systems are absolutely traceable to national standards.
Camera: Flatfield correction and calibration of luminance and CIE X,Y,Z.
Spectrometer: Calibration of luminance and radiance.

Complete characterization of the set in customer-specific geometry - no user calibration necessary!

ACS 150

LED light source ACS 150 for audits in the production line.

ACS 586/587

LED luminance standard for audits in the production line.

Audit for cameras and spectrometers

Complete set for incoming quality control (IQC) of the measurement accuracy of luminance and color coordinates (LumiTop 4000, CAS 140D).

Returnable packaging

Clean room-suitable returnable packaging for transporting the camera / spectrometer within the production facility.

Individual configuration

Our system experts will be pleased to provide competent advice on your particular application. Our worldwide Service guarantees fast setup and optimum support over the entire lifetime of the system.