DGS Display Goniometer System Motorized, goniometric display characterization

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Viewing angle and area analysis of large displays for quality and performance control

Versatile and motorized goniophotometer

The DGS of our Kimsoptec Line is a very versatile goniometer system for display characterization in R&D and quality control. It is ideal for the profound analysis especially of large-format displays of up to 32" in diameter. The motorized 6-axes precision goniometer allows easy and fast determination of the viewing angle-dependent properties of the samples.

Ensuring high-quality test results

High-precision optical measurements (e.g. luminance and spectral measurements) are ensured by using a high-end spectroradiometer from the CAS-series together with a TOP 200 telescopic optical probe as detector. Due to convenient recalibration and maintenance of this detector, downtimes of the system are reduced to a minimum.

The DGS system can be easily customized for different applications and special customer requirements (e.g. changing sample or measuring spot size).  All measurements can be automated by creating a user specific measurement recipe.

Key features:

  • High precision and fully motorized 6-axes positioner
  • Electrical control of DUT with various sourcemeters and pattern/video generators
  • High-end spectroradiometer from CAS-series or imaging colorimeter from LumiTop-series as detector
  • Variable display sizes up to 32"
  • Various measurement spot sizes possible
  • Industrial housing, user control station with PC and software
  • Machine safety equipment based on CE/KCs certification

Requirements for goniometric measurements

The requirements for goniometric measurements of display components and final products are very diverse and depend on the specific customer application. The DGS system of Instrument Systems Korea is therefore individually configurable and provides the optimum solution for a wide range of measurement tasks and requirements, such as:

  • A user-specific pattern generator is often required by the customer. A communication protocol matching the customer´s inhouse software is ensured by providing a customized solution based on the CAS SDK.
  • 2D measurements using an imaging colorimeter of the LumiTop series can be provided and configured to the desired measurement routine.
  • Custom illumination of the DUT can be provided to perform contrast-, chromaticity- and spectral reflectance measurements under ambient lighting conditions.

System configuration

The DGS Display Goniometer System can be tailored to specifications required by the customer, but typically consists of the following components:

Component Description


Fully motorized 6-axes goniometer

Housing and accessories

Professional lightproof housing with fan filter unit and industrial round tower light indicator. Integrated user control PC station with touch screen monitor.


CAS series of spectroradiometers

Telescopic Optical Probes

TOP 200 for perfectly round and sharp measuring spot with optimized Pritchard style optical system

DUT driver

SMU and Multiplexer or pattern generator


GUI Software with recipe functionality. The software supports motion and source control, as well as CAS measurement and data analysis

Technical data

Component Specification

Scan range theta inclination


Scan range phi rotation


Scan range x/y/z (detector) /stage translation

±275/±210/±370 mm/±50 mm

Typical DUT dimension

267 x 188 mm (13" diagonal)
342 x 264 mm (17" diagonal)

Max. DUT dimension

520 x 385 mm (25" diagonal)

Max. DUT dimension with limitations in phi rotation

32" diagonal

Housing dimension (L x W x H)

1.8 x 2 x 2.4 m

This highly flexible system DGS System from Instruments Systems Korea is indispensable during R&D process or in quality control of displays for the Consumer Electronics and Display market.  Besides high customization options, major brand owners appreciate the high-end optical measurement of the viewing angle characteristic and uniformity of their displays.

For further information please contact our Korean sales office at sales_korea@instrumentsystems.com!