Goniophotometers for Displays Angle-dependent electro-optical characterization of displays

Goniophotometer – high-precision, automated testing of displays

Displays of all sizes, shapes and technologies can be comprehensively characterized with the DMS series of goniophotometers and the DTS 500 goniometer from Instrument Systems. They are equally suitable for liquid crystal cells, optical coatings and OLED panels as for display modules, backlit units and integrated display products.

Instrument Systems: variable, accurate and reliable goniophotometric display measurement in the lab and production

For more than 30 years Instrument Systems has been developing and manufacturing high-end goniophotometers at its Berlin facility.  Our instruments are used over the entire display production cycle, from the development stage to in-process quality control. Our customers are from the consumer goods market, automotive, aviation, military and medical industries.

With a wide range of accessories, goniophotometers of the DMS series become all-in-one systems for automated display measurement. They simulate the visual system of the human observer and take into account the environmental influences of temperature and extraneous light in the evaluation of reproduction quality of a display, guaranteeing accurate results.

Product variants

DMS goniometer for viewing angle-dependent properties in varying environmental conditions

The DMS series of goniometer systems are used to measure and qualify electro-optical displays in typical application scenarios, e.g. viewing angle, homogeneity, influence of ambient light and temperature. A fully automated option is also available. The newly developed DMS 904 is particularly suitable for measuring pillar-to-pillar and curved displays.

Potential applications:

  • Determination of display specifications
  • Design and optimization of lighting systems for flat and curved displays
  • Analysis of optical performance in different ambient lighting conditions
  • Automated quality control

DTS positioning system for high-precision, reproducible goniometric measurements

The DTS 500 enables accurate movement to measuring points and testing for luminance and color from different viewing angles.

Potential applications:

  • Universally for all displays and for night design
  • NVIS measurements in accordance with MIL-L-85762A / MIL-L-STD-3009 and civil standards SAE AS5452B / RTCA DO-275
  • Flexible setup for manual positioning
  • Complete 5-axis positioning system with stepper motor control

Video: Our Goniophotometers for Display